Wholesale Sunglasses & Accessories

Wholesale Online

If you are a retailer or online trader and would like to buy sunglasses in bulk for a retail outlet, shop or stall we provide wholesale sunnies across Australia & New Zealand, and internationally with no ongoing minimum order, making it cost effective and efficient for smaller operators.

We stock non-branded & low cost branded sunnies and sunglasses brands. Our complete range is great value and we can provide custom mixed boxes to give you greater savings and allow a larger range for you to offer your customers. 

Bulk Sunglasses & Custom Orders

We also offer larger quantity and bulk custom orders for stores looking to purchase in bulk and save even more, and also businesses looking for event sunnies and custom staff gifts. 

Customer Bulk Discounts

We also offer bulk discounts direct to the public as well as wedding favors, event giveaways, corporate gifts & fundraisers.

If your after a single bulk discount and are not a trader, we can provide you with a special single use code, please contact us via the link below. 

If you are buying smaller bulk quantities with a minimum of 6 pairs, use code: Whole30 at checkout, and save 30% without having to register.


For ongoing retail & bulk wholesale purchasing, please email us to register your business to receive wholesale rates. 

To register for wholesale pricing or if you would like to receive a bulk rate quote today, please email us here with your product enquiry and quantities for a swift quote.

Once registered, traders can shop our wholesale prices directly online at anytime.

Thank you for shopping with us!

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