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When will I receive my products?
Express Post orders are shipped within 24 hours of receipt of your order. Please view our terms and conditions for more detailed shipping information including express delivery network terms. All regular orders are shipped within 3 days of receipt. Please allow 2-10 working days for delivery.
How do I return a product?
If there is a fault with your order or you would like to make an exchange, simply contact us via the contact form below noting the reason for your return. One of our customer service staff will respond to you within 24 hours. For security reasons, we do not publish our contact details on our website, however the contact form sends directly to our customer support team. Our return address details are also available on your delivery slip, which is included with your order. You may return your order to this address including your Order Number when your return has been approved by our support team. Please note, if you do not receive a response, you may have provided the incorrect email address, please contact us again if there is not reply as we reply to all emails within 24 working hours.
How much does shipping cost?
All orders placed above $50 AUD will be shipped free of charge. The cost for standard shipping & handling is $6.95 AUD and Express Post is $9.95.
What are UV-rays?
Ultraviolet radiation (UV) comes naturally from the sun. UV is divided into at least three different categories based on wavelength:
  • UVA wavelengths (320-400 nm) are only slightly affected by ozone levels. Most UVA radiation is able to reach the earth's surface and can contribute to tanning, skin aging, eye damage, and immune suppresion.
  • UVB wavelengths (280-320 nm) are strongly affected by ozone levels. Decreases in stratospheric ozone mean that more UVB radiation can reach the earth's surface, causing sunburns, snow blindness, immune suppression, and a variety of skin problems including skin cancer and premature aging.
  • UVC wavelengths (100-280 nm) are very strongly affected by ozone levels, so that the levels of UVC radiation reaching the earth's surface are relatively small.

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